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Q : Why the website?
A : Back in 2006, I was looking for an independent website listing stuff going on in Dundee (from small gigs to big events).
After finding nothing to satisfy, I thought about having a go . . . some friends reckoned it was worth it . . . inDundee.co.uk was born.
It's totally free to you, so please enjoy - and let me know your thoughts...

Q : Who's behind it?
A : My name is Ed Muirhead, I was born in Dundee and have lived here since '98. I'm an engineer, love my family + love to make music, more @ edmuirhead.co.uk. Opinions expressed in the places to Go and Eat pages are generally mine...

Q : How does it work?
The information for events and is taken from websites, noticeboards, etc.
We also have a growing number of submissions via form or email.
It's all stuck in my homemade database, which helps you search + filter . . .

Q : How can I help?
I've had a few people ask if they can help... well, please contribute anything you know about events or gigs coming up in the city, and spread the word about the website to your friends, family and colleagues...
And stick these on your website:

Q : What do people say?
Here's a selection of comments from people who have used the website:

let me know what you think . . .