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Pick Three Chords - Episode 01

My Alabama
The Mirror Trapfacebook / @themirrortrap
They have an album out: 'The Last Great Melodrama' - and are off on tour with The View for the last half of December...
Dates: Dec 17 Dunfermline / 18 Inverness / 19+20 Glasgow / 21 Dundee / 30 Bathgate

Heavy Heart
Tiny Dragons / facebook / @TinyDragnsTweet
Three-piece band from Brighton with an EP: 'You Need To Relax', their music is a funk-rock-soul mix, and this track makes me smile every time I hear it. It was brought to my attention back in June by an Oli Arditi review. Oli has a great way of expressing music in words, with regular valuable insights around the music grapevine.
Dates: Dec 10 Brighton / 29 Brighton / Jan 10 London / 20 Brighton

No Tomorrow
Lost City Soul / facebook / @lostcitysoul
Band members from Dundee/Forfar/Invergordon, just launched single 'Ghost' and finished a tour: Dundee Muso live review. This track topped Andy G's favourite 30 tracks from the area on his weekly radio show 'The Sound'.

Walking on Eggshells
King Post Kitsch / facebook / @kingpostkitsch
From album 'The Party's Over'. This song got stuck in my head, I particularly enjoy the quirky fuzzy-lead-sound.
Label: Song, by Toad Records

Take It Or Leave It
One Weeks Notice / facebook / @oneweeksnotice
Dundee band, been listening to this track for ages. They've just recorded a new single, available soon.

UPDATE: ONE WEEK after this episode aired, the band split: talk about one week's notice!?

Whale-Watching For Beginners
The Strangers Almanac / facebook / @gordmatheson
Acoustic project with dreamy sounds and faraway lyrics. Have been playing the song on and off all year, finally saw them do it live last week with a variety of instruments in attendance. They say "It's not about watching whales..."
Dates: Dec 10 Dundee

When Will The Children Learn?
Doyle & The Fourfathers / facebook / @DT4F
Four-piece from the south coast, saw them play live in Dundee last week: very confident on-stage, reminds me of The Divine Comedy. Now touring UK supporting The Undertones
Dates: Dec 9 Leeds / 10 Brighton / 23 London

Apollo! Apollo!
Make Sparks / facebook / @makesparks
Hard-working Dundee band, just signed a record deal, will release new material in February. This track is bursting with energy. They have a new one 'Floored' available free next week.
Dates: Dec 13 Stoke / 14 London / 15 Sheffield / 20 Glasgow / 21 Aberdeen / 22 Edinburgh / 23 Dundee

Fear Of The Modern
People, Places, Maps / facebook / @PPM_online
Dunfermline band, album 'The Distance Tricked Us' launches 16 December. This track grabbed me since I first heard it.
Dates: Dec 16 Edinburgh / 18 Glasgow / 20 Dunfermline / 23 Leslie

My Tear Dissolved The View
Esperi / facebook / @EsperiMusic
Mixing acoustic sounds with loops and bells, Chris creates a magical soundscape with space and calm.

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