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Pick Three Chords - Episode 02

The Dealer
The Trade  (facebook)   @The_Trade 
MTT is their battle-cry (Mon The Trade) - often gigging, solid performance, loyal following. From album 'Lie in the Dark'. Used a clip of this on an early promo.
From: Angus/Dundee
Dates: Dec 18 Arbroath / 23 Glasgow / 24 Forfar / 28 Dundee

Looking Out For Number One
Millsyeck  (facebook)   @Millsyeck 
Old-school Rock-tastic blast from EP 'Once Clean Twice Dirty'. Seen them play various gigs indoors + out, powerful sound. Alex has a nice line in banter, gets the audience involved.
From: Dundee

Don't Want To Hear It
New Town Triptych  (facebook)   @N_T_Triptych 
Warm acoustic sound, hummable songs, they do a wonderful version of wagon wheel. Bought this after hearing them featured on Kowalskiy.
From: Glasgow
Label: Entity Audio

Skinny Love
The November Project  (facebook
New acoustic duo from Dundee. This track caught my ear the first time I heard it, only later I realised it was a Bon Iver song.
From: Dundee
Dates: Dec 27 Arbroath / Jan 15 Glasgow

Bon Iver  (facebook)   @boniver 
Haunting tune stayed with me since hearing a lot about Bon Iver on music blogs earlier in the year.
From: Wisconsin (USA)
Label: Jagjaguwar

The rain must fall
Calm as the colour  (facebook)   @Calmasthecolour 
Played a gig with Darren, we exchanged CDs, have stayed in touch.
From: Fife
Dates: Dec 17 Dundee / Jan 26 Edinburgh / Mar 24 Kirkcaldy

Midnight Clear
Ed Muirhead  (facebook)   @tattierecords 
My very own Christmas single, an update on the 150-year-old Christmas carol, vocals, keys, guitars recorded in one take, plus I hand-painted a movie to go with it.
From: Dundee
Dates: Dec 15 Dundee
Label: Tattie Records

Cryin' Back To Me
The Sixteen Tonnes  (facebook)   @sixteentonnes 
Catchy blues I first heard featured by Ted on Cloud Sounds earlier in the year - grabbed my attention so I bought a CD off them.
From: Liverpool
Dates: Dec 15 Liverpool

Can You Keep A Secret?
Beautiful By Design  (facebook
Now-defunct pop band from Dundee/Fife, they produced a bunch of great tunes in their short life. Saw them play a few times + shot some footage.
From: Dundee/Fife

Love Is Teasin'
Wounded Knee  (facebook
Heard this on Edinburgh Man, and probably elsewhere too... was still singing it to myself days later, good sign! Did some clicking around Drew's projects, lots of interesting stuff there, a mix of old songs and new technology.
From: Leith (Edinburgh)
Label: Gerry Loves Records

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