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Pick Three Chords - Episode 03

Another bunch of 10 lovely tracks, plus a couple of festive bonuses to get you in the mood for Christmas...

Girl in the Night
The Hazey Janes  (facebook)   @Armellotweet 
Long-running group, recently released album 'The Winter That Was'.
From: Dundee
Heard: Live
Dates: Dec 28 Glasgow / Jan 11 Cardiff / 12 Brighton / 13 London
Label: Armellodie

Such A Beautiful Smile
Love, Susan  (facebook)   @lovesusanx 
Sparklingly talented new band, EP out earlier in the year 'Look in the Mirror'
From: Dundee
Heard: Live
Dates: Jan 6 Dundee

Silent Night
Linzi Murphy  (facebook
As a Christmas bonus, here's a wonderful version of Silent Night by Linzi Murphy, featured on the Scottish Fiction Christmas EP in aid of Shelter Scotland.
From: Neilston
Heard: Scottish Fiction Christmas EP

St. Michael's Bells
Endor  (facebook)   @helptheendorly 
From: Glasgow
Heard: Read about Endor on The Pop Cop early in the year, liked the sound and bought the album. There's some interesting comments about the music scene on that article and Pop Cop in general.

A Phone Call Would've Been Nice
Yeah Detroit  (facebook)   @Yeahdetroituk 
From: Dundee/Glenrothes
Heard: Online
Dates: Dec 27 Arbroath (Acoustic w/ The November Project, Moving Mecca, The Pacific)

Wayfaring Stranger
Ed Sheeran  (facebook)   @edsheeran 
Heard this guy sing this on Jools, just his voice and a loop box: impressed! He's doing pretty well for himself these days... for more voice/loop material, goto episode 2: Wounded Knee.
From: London
Heard: Jools Holland on the BBC
Label: Asylum/Atlantic

Sundial MMXI
The Travelling Band  (facebook)   @travellingband 
Nu-folk? Pleasing blend of indie with acoustic instruments. This track from their double-A-side 'experiment' caught my attention.
From: Manchester
Heard: Heard on Cloud Sounds - Ted mentioned their competition to pick a single.
Dates: Dec 26 Manchester
Label: Cooking Vinyl + Sideways Saloon

I want a Jaguar
Alley Cats  (facebook
Young duo, refreshing sound, recording more new material and playing live.
From: Dundee

Are You Who You Think You Are?
The Spook School  (facebook)   @spookschool 
From: Edinburgh
Heard: Edinburgh Man is a fan, I bought this after hearing it on his show.

Hello? I'm Confidence
The New Times  (facebook
Seen these guys several times live, unpredictable on-stage, great energy.
From: Dundee
Heard: Live

Call Of Youth
The Little Kicks  (facebook)   @thelittlekicks 
Catchy rock track from their new self-titled album.
From: Aberdeen
Heard: Jim Gellatly

Christmas Wrapping (12 inch version)
The Waitresses
Little-known 'long' version of the quality festive track...
From: Ohio
Heard: 17 Seconds

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