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Pick Three Chords - Episode 4

Ten more chunks of tunes, this episode is like hot chocolate: a frothy start, a good helping of sugar, heading to a darker finish.

Pin the tail on the donkey
Kitty the Lion  (facebook)   @kittythelion
Came across them on a stage in George Square, great sound, this track pins a big smile on my face...
From: Glasgow
First heard: Live in Glasgow Buy

Pulse (Regardless)
Seams  (facebook)
Young dynamic band, highly recommended by friends who have seen them live. EP out now: 'Colours And Maps' - Andy G Review: "...sends shivers up my spine every time I hear it. Highly recommended!"
From: Dundee
First heard: Word-of-mouth recommendation

Trampled By A Horse  (facebook)   @TrampledByHorse
Showing you're never too old to rock, re-formed punk band recently had new breath of life, this track was recorded at TPot Studios.
From: Dundee
First heard: Live

Make Sparks  (facebook)   @Makesparks
These human dynamos put out 'Floored' for free ahead of their new album due Feb 2012. The first band to feature twice on here (Apollo! Apollo! on #02)
From: Dundee
First heard: Online
Label: Mountain Halo

You Can Leave The Light On
Donna Maciocia  vs The Mike Kearney Ka-tet - Mashup Session

Facebook pages aplenty: Donna, Ka-tet, Mashup @DonnaMaciocia @mkearneykatet @MashupSession
Collaboration between singer/song-writer and jazz-funk band produced this sparkling track, the first of the Mashup Sessions at The Depot, Edinburgh. The Ka-tet play every Wednesday night at Edinburgh's Jazz Bar. There's been another mashup since this one, plus more planned for the future...
From: Edinburgh
First heard: Jim Gellatly

I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing (Acoustic)
In Enso  (facebook)
They call the music alt/math, I call it exciting... this acoustic track from earlier in the year, they have something a bit heavier available now on Bandcamp.
From: Dundee
First heard: Online

There's Always Maybe
Martyn Joseph  (facebook)   @martyn_joseph
First came across Martyn many years ago, had an old tape of his hand-crafted folk-ballads: re-discovered via latest album 'Under Lemonade Skies'.
From: Cardiff
First heard: Word-of-mouth
Label: Pipe Records

Addicted To Love
Rebecca Zapen  (facebook)
Jazz violinist + singer does a lovely version of Robert Palmer's hit... from her album 'Nest'.
From: Florida
First heard: eBurban
Label: Bashert Records

Big Trouble In Little Richard
Pensioner  (facebook)   @pensionerband
Pensioner are riding the waves of triumph, featuring on various end-of-year-lists - and they generously have their album FREE to download till New Year - get it while you can!. They have a multitude of musical connections to other bands past and present, eg: The Strangers Almanac #01 - plus more, see Dundee's music map...
From: Dundee
First heard: Online
Label: Olive Grove Records

The Man Comes Around
Johnny Cash  (facebook)
This is one of the last songs Cash wrote... outstanding. Features a host of biblical quotes and the legendary voice.
From: Arkansas
First heard: TV
Label: American Recordings

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