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Pick Three Chords - Episode 6

A bewildering array of different tunes for this episode - from piano-ballad to dreamy pop via indie, blues, disco and a rare version of a classic track...

All I Got
Tyler James  (facebook)   @tylerjames 
American singer, piano-player, song-writer, lovely album, this track is particularly appropriate for the frost we have just now...
From: Nashville
Heard: Noisetrade
Dates: Jan Nashville
Label: Son of Geert Records

Smile Now, Cry Later
Colour-Coded  (facebook
Early version of a bombastic tune, must get my hands on the 'proper version' that's available now.
From: Dundee
Heard: Local grapevine

War Of Loves
Brown Bear + The Bandits  (facebook)   @brownbearbandit 
Cheery up-beat sounds, missed them live, will hear next chance I get.
From: Largs
Heard: Online

Mum Wants A Mixtape  (facebook
Seems they split up, but this track has a catchy wee hook in there, either based on an American crooner or a Dundee bar?
From: Dundee
Heard: Locally

Drop It
Giovanca  (facebook)   @giovanca 
Dutch singer-songwriter, spotted her on the telly during a recent trip to the Netherlands. Lovely sound, plus she has her own radio show.
From: Amsterdam
Heard: TV
Dates: Feb Vlaardingen
Label: Dox Records

Mr Mustard
Gerry Jablonski  (facebook
Legendary guitarist, seen him live on many occasions, does amazing things with guitars. Now with an electric band and gigging regularly.
From: Aberdeen
Heard: Live
Dates: Jan Dundee, Inverurie / Feb Dundee, Arbroath, Aberdeen / Mar Northampton, Leeds, Harrogate, Dundee
Label: Fat Hippy Records

Pale Blue Eyes
The Sixteen Tonnes  (facebook)   @sixteentonnes 
Catchy blues - grabbed my attention so I bought their CD EP.
From: Liverpool
Heard: Cloud Sounds

Brown Eyed Girl (Alt)
Van Morrison
Alternate version of the anthemic track. Interesting to hear the musicians play slightly different versions of their parts, sounds fresh compared to the released version.
From: Belfast
Heard: Radio
Dates: Feb Belfast, Dublin, Gateshead, York / Mar Brighton, Bournemouth, Edinburgh / Apr Aberdeen

Too Many Dicks (on the Dancefloor)
Flight Of The Conchords  (facebook
Tongues firmly in cheeks, comedy duo always make me smile. Don't take this too seriously, but do enjoy...
From: New Zealand
Heard: TV

Sha La La
Spiral TV
A chilled track to end, another band from Dundee's recent musical past...
From: Dundee
Heard: Radio

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