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Pick Three Chords - Episode 08

A fresh collection for springtime - get your ears round this folk n country n rock n roll...

Give My Love To Rose
Johnny Cash
Needs no introduction, an interesting story-song, been on my playlist + mind for a while.
From: Arkansas
Heard: CD
Label: American Recordings

Darren Campbell  (facebook
Acoustic singer-songwriter, new single coming this month...
From: Dundee
Heard: online
Dates: Mar 2 Dundee / 23 Dundee / 27 Arbroath

Sharks Took The Rest  (facebook)   SharksTkTheRest 
Alternative pop? Sound caught my ears anyway, can't quite remember how I heard about them, but enjoyable all the same.
From: Newcastle
Heard: online
Dates: Apr 20 Gateshead

Seams  (facebook
Young dynamic band, highly recommended by friends who have seen them live. EP out now: 'Colours And Maps'. Some acoustic songs available free.
From: Dundee
Heard: word-of-mouth
Dates: Mar 9 Dundee

Town For Tourists
Fatherson  (facebook
Mellow song, nice bit of harmonies, they have a single out this weekend.
From: Kilmarnock
Heard: word-of-mouth

Who walks in (when I walk out?)
The Shiverin' Sheiks  (facebook
Fifties Rock n Roll band, gigging all around, often play Dundee
From: Glasgow

Pensioner  (facebook)   @pensionerband 
Quality song-names and surprising songs.
From: Dundee
Heard: word-of-mouth
Label: Olive Grove Records

Calm As The Colour  (facebook
Fife's finest, dream-indie, sounds like summer.
From: Fife
Heard: live
Dates: Mar 4 Dundee / 24 Kirkcaldy

Pigeon Song
Anderson McGinty Webster Ward and Fisher  (facebook
This song makes me smile, I think it goes back to Luva Anna days.
From: Dundee
Heard: live

Quickbeam  (facebook)   quickbeamband 
Dreamy and atmospheric end to the episode... heard about them via Glasgow Podcart I think...
From: Glasgow
Heard: online
Label: Comets And Cartwheels

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