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Pick Three Chords - Episode 10

Ten episodes, can you believe it?! This one took a while in the making, until I had 10 tracks I really wanted to share... they're each lovely, and I've played them again and again to road-test them for your listening pleasure. Introduced with some rambling between :-)

Darren Campbell  (facebook
Acoustic loveliness, Darren has a new single out now, and is playing live regularly.
From: Dundee
Heard: Word-of-mouth
Dates: Apr 19 Dundee / 21 Dundee / 29 Arbroath / May 19 Dundee

Isle Of Glass
Wiredrawn  (facebook)   @wdrawn 
Stumbled across Wiredrawn via the interweb, this instrumental track caught my ear.
From: Aberdeen/Edinburgh
Heard: Online

No Regards
Dave?  (facebook)   @daveaband 
Saw these guys play live a few years ago... after a while being quiet they have a new album out in May 2012 - and this track is an exciting wee preview of that.
From: Dundee
Heard: Live
Dates: May 11 Dundee

Dead Sea Souls  (facebook)   @deadseasouls 
Another band I came across live - they had the crowd jumping that night, and still making joyful sounds.
From: Bathgate
Heard: Live
Dates: Apr 13 Glasgow / 14 Dundee / 27 Falkirk / May 5 Giffordtown / 12 Broxburn
Label: Big Rock Candy Records

Smoothiesforme  (facebook)   @smoothiesforme 
Charlie recommended this, good call!
From: Edinburgh
Heard: Word-of-mouth

Blue Rose Code  (facebook)   @bluerosecode 
Heard them live last week, fresh in my memory bought this: great acoustic stuff. Live the harmonies and atmosphere were amazing.
From: Edinburgh via London
Heard: Live
Label: Ho Hum Records

On Yer Knees
Billy Mitchell  (facebook)   @billymitchell90 
Singer-song-writer with quality bunch of original music.
From: Dundee
Heard: Word-of-mouth
Dates: Apr 14 Dundee

Walls (Blueprint demo)
Rae Morris  (facebook)   @raemorrismusic 
Came across Rae online somehow, her voice and piano-playing struck a chord :)
From: Blackpool
Heard: Online
Dates: Apr 15 Cambridge / 16 London / 19 York / 20 Edinburgh / 21 Liverpool / 23 Plymouth
Label: Atlantic Records

Eggshells (Acoustic)
Rachel Sermanni  (facebook)   @RachelSermanni 
Gorgeous vocals and playing, mellow acoustic version of a new single out May 2012.
From: Carrbridge
Heard: Word-of-mouth
Dates: April 19 London / 20 Rotterdam / May 4 Oslo

I Am Not Waiting Anymore
Field Report
Project by Chris Porterfield, music in the mould of Bon Iver, to which he has a connection. Lovely for a listen.
Heard: Online: Stereogum

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