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Pick Three Chords - Episode 11


After a very long break, we're back with episode 11 of Pick Three Chords - with a heart-moving selection of songs, near and far, new and old...

A Quarter Size Shy

Little Anchors

Blistering song to mark our return to your ears - from Little Anchors EP, this song regularly repeats in my brain - one of the prime drivers for getting onto #pick3chords! Thoroughly nice bloke too - seen Ross play live solo, can't wait to hear the new stuff: album will be out in the late summer, with some full band shows soon . . .

From: Dundee
Heard: Live


How Long

Copper Lungs @CopperLungs

Energy is bursting out of these guys, anthemic tunes too: new single 'Lost Without You' on March 17 and EP on April 25.

From: Dundee
Dates: Apr 22 Bath / 23 London / 24 Tunbridge Wells / 25 Fat Sam's Dundee / 26 Perth / 27 Aberdeen / 30 Edinburgh / May 1 Glasgow
Heard: Word-of-mouth, online
Label: Thin Hippo


15 Years

Michael Cassidy @MCassidyuk

Bought his CD and seen him live, catchy and witty, this was one of the tracks earmarked for #pick3chords back before we had a long break . . . supporting Marc O'Reilly at King Tut's in April.

From: Paisley
Dates: Mar 26 Inverness / 27 Aberdeen / Apr 12 King Tut's Glasgow
Heard: Live
Label: D Set Records


Sticks And Stones

Colour-Coded @colourcodedband

We played a track from them way back in episode 6 - and this one's also got the drama and epic sound to grab you.

From: Dundee
Heard: Online


American Dreams

The Mirror Trap @themirrortrap

This band kicked off our first-ever episode, and they continue to rock! New album 'Stay Young' will be launched at Duke's Corner Dundee on April 11th.

From: Dundee
Dates: Apr 11 Duke's Corner Dundee
Heard: Live


Now's The Time

Devon Sproule @devonsproule

She has played a couple of times round here, but I've not been to see her live yet - this song sticks in my mind, nice vibe...

From: Charlottesville PA
Dates: Mar 11-16 SXSW Austin
Heard: Word-of-mouth, online
Label: Tin Angel Records


Oh Emily!

Be Like Pablo @belikepablo

Powerpop, make-you-smile music, this is another track I had lined up for #pick3chords before the hiatus - this song makes me think of Fountains Of Wayne with Scottish accents :) Exclusive: Be Like Pablo are putting out a remastered version of their first Double A Side Single (The Post-It Song/Julianne) in May and summer tour to support it. They've been writing a whole load of new songs they aim to record later in the year.

From: Forres
Heard: Online
Label: Stray Cat Records


Making Dynamite

Cancel The Astronauts @canceltheastros

My last 'old' track here - quirkypop from Edinburgh band's 2012 album, love the funky percussion. They are currently writing their second album, and will play live shows soon . . .

From: Edinburgh
Heard: Online


Innocent Love

Model Aeroplanes @modelaeroplanes

Turn it up! These guys are making fresh pop songs that you'll love, another song that goes round my head regularly . . . Just announced as Best Newcomer at the SAMAs 2014

From: Dundee
Heard: Word-of-mouth, online


Sweet Kisses/Silver Flowers

Fraser Ross

Seen Fraser sing live several times now - what an experience! Exclusive: New album coming Jul/Aug, and he's doing a show at Edinburgh Fringe Aug 1-16 at Surgeon's Hall . . . meantime here's Sweet Kisses to finish our 11th episode x

From: New Zealand/Scotland
Heard: Live


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