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Extraction and removal

Glow Plug Extraction

Glow Plugs are also known as Heater Plugs.

Seized glow plugs usually occur due to carbon build up around the glow plug shaft.

We have invested in the latest glow plug removal equipment which has allowed us to offer a service of extracting seized, snapped / broken glow plugs with a very high success rate, without the need to remove the cylinder head from the vehicle, offering a quick and economical repair.

Bolts / Studs Extraction & Thread Repairs

We offer a service of repairing stripped threads, drill out broken off studs and bolts, remove broken nuts & bolts.

Exhaust and turbo manifold bolts that have been heated and cooled are sometimes difficult to remove.

Glow plugs, injectors, sump plugs, turbo manifold bolts, exhaust manifold bolts, brake calliper pins and bleed nipples that have been snapped or damaged can be re-tapped and heli-coiled or Time-Sert.

Spark erode any broken off taps – easy outs – drill bits in pieces of work if necessary.

Injector removal

Many new Common Rail Diesel engines are prone for the injectors becoming seized in the cylinder head.

We are equipped with the latest range of tooling and equipment for extracting injectors. Included in our equipment is the latest hydraulic extraction tool; including a hydraulic injector puller tool with pulling capabilities up to 35 tons.

We can remove the majority of injectors and have all of the required tooling to provide an economical repair.

We can also extract injectors that have been damaged such as if the threads have been damaged or broken off, even if the injector has snapped and is left with parts stuck in the cylinder head.

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